Ellegyn Vaginal Douche: now with Climbazole

Alta Care Laboratoires just launched a new formula for Ellegyn Vaginal Douche that contains Climbazole. In case of intimate discomfort or infection, it’s important to react quickly but without attacking the sensitive area. That’s why Alta Care Laboratoires decided to integrate Climbazole as one of the main ingredients of its vaginal douche.

Ellegyn Intimate Wash - a great help to counteract the onset of vaginal dryness

Women can perceive a strange feeling of vulvovaginal dryness during certain periods of their life; during periods of particular physical and psychological stress, or simply during the normal calendar of their life. A good remedy to relieve or prevent this annoying disorder is the product Ellegyn Intimate Wash, created by Alta Care Laboratoires. This product is useful ...

Ellegyn represents the gynaecolgical range

Ellegyn represents the gynaecolgical range of products by Alta Care Laboratoires. Ellegyn intimate wash with triclosan and climbazole provides both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activity. Ellegyn intimate douche is one of the best sellers of the Ellegyn range. Ellegyn intimate douche uses a sterile applicator concept. ...

Ellegyn Intimate Wash

Ellegyn intimate wash is a 4 in 1 intimate wash with no parabens. Most gynaecological anti infective products on the market for feminine wash are just anti fungal. Ellegyn intimate wash apart from also being anti fungal is also anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and also has anti allergic ingredients. Many infections are not just anti-fungal but mixed infections and that is why Ellegyn intimate ...




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